EVP presents The Spire!

Endless Vistas Publishing is creating a quarterly 5E and Pathfinder Adventure magazine! Veteran game designer, Darrin Drader, brings you The Spire online magazine.

Issue #1 of The Spire

Issue #1 of The Spire

We are pleased to announce our intent to utilize the Open Gaming License to make The Spire, which we hope will become the premier periodical for adventures for the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game (a separate version of each issue will be produced to offer support for the Pathfinder RPG). This will be published regularly, in electronic format, and will maintain the highest production standards we can afford. To make this happen, we’re going to need your help, and we’d like you to consider supporting this effort for the following reasons:

  • Get a regular dose of top quality 5th edition and Pathfinder adventures! Currently, there is a relative lack of adventure material for 5E. While previous editions were supported by printed magazines, those days are over, leaving a void that was once filled by those periodicals. Although we cannot resurrect dead magazines, we can offer something new that fills a similar niche. The adventures that will fill the pages of The Spire will form campaigns that will unfold over time, though they will also be designed to stand alone just as well, with little or no modification.
  • At the helm, we have veteran game designer, Darrin Drader, co-author of the Book of Exalted Deeds (for 3.5), Forgotten Realms: Serpent Kingdoms, Forgotten Realms: Mysteries of the Moonsea, D20 Apocalypse, and many, many other titles for numerous RPG publishers. He brings with him fifteen years of professional game design experience, both in the tabletop RPG and MMO industries.
  • The Spire is also produced by Robert Blezard, and Patric L. Rogers, both of whom have produced thousands of pages of high quality RPG material, much of it freely available over the internet.
  • Supporting our Patreon campaign is our way of allowing you to subscribe to The Spire, and you’ll receive it at a significant discount. What’s more is that regardless of when you become a patron, you will instantly be granted access to all issues of the periodical that have already been published.

For more details about our Milestone Goals for this project, visit EVP’s page on Patreon.

Welcome to [i]The Spire[/i]!

EVP Team

About Our Team:
Darrin Drader just hit the thirtieth year of gaming milestone, having started playing with the red box back in 1984, quickly to Advanced, and then on to every edition that has been released in between. Back in 2000, he was one of the founding members of Dark Portal Games, one of the first RPG companies to exist primarily in the electronic market. Through the years, he has designed countless rules and adventures, and helped breathe life into several gaming worlds including Oathbound, Reign of Discordia, Nuclear Sunset, and Interface Zero (both the original Savage Worlds Edition and the more recent 2.0). He has also added important pieces of lore to massive settings like The Forgotten Realms and Paizo’s Golarion through his contributions.

Patric L Rogers probably has dice that are older than you. He was first published by Steve Jackson Games in 1986 with Autoduel Quarterly, again in Pyramid, and was integral to the development of material for Dark Portal Games, where he helped produce all manner of crunchy rules bits and setting material. He launched http://www.patric.net in 1997. He is excited about the prospect of moving into this new era of RPG publishing.

Robert Blezard has been a gamer since the late 1980s and is the designer and gamemaster of his own longstanding setting called World of Kulan, which has existed online since the mid 1990s. An active member of the RPG community, Robert has produced gaming material in a freelance capacity for not only Dark Portal Games but also Silverthorne Games and several online fanzines.

Together, our goal is to make the best adventure publication we can. Should this campaign meet its milestone goals, we intend to hire some of the top freelancers in the industry, including members of the famed Werecabbages freelancer’s guild, to design expertly crafted adventures,. We would also like to increase our art budget, and increase the size of our publication, which will allow for more adventures per issue.