Dream Warrior #Poetry

Bel Izeard

I once new a boy
Who dreamed
Of other worlds
With dragons
Dwarves, and elves
Fighting evil with
Sword and spell
And dice

I know him still
There he is
In the mirror
An aging relic
Of another time
He is still a boy
When real life
Lets him dream


photomontage-3912844_1280 “Photomontage Mystical” by Lothar Dieterich

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Multiverse #Micropoetry

Bel Izeard

In a perfect multiverse
I could ride dragons with Huma
And swing beside the Spider-Force
I lose myself on the shores of Faerûn
Or brandish swords alongside Conan
I can soar the skies with Supergirl
Or sail the stars on a spelljammer
In that multiverse,
I could live, or die, content


parallel-world-3488497_1280 Parallel World by Gerd Altmann

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Free Verse: Ache of Bones

Bel Izeard

Dust on the road
The wind stirs the prairie grass
I stand near the tracks,
That cross the highway
The grain elevator is a ghost
It haunts me
The wind whips the dust
I shield my eyes
While my mind tries to shield
The hurt inside
My bike isn’t a steed
Just and escape to nowhere
No hunting bottles and cans today
Only riding with friends
Until our bones ache
We circle our home, this village—
They say it takes a village
But not all villages are equal—
The day wanes
Each one of us,
Pedals home one by one
Until the light is fading
There is supper and TV,
Hockey on a Saturday night,
‘Time for bed’ comes soon
A cat rolls up behind my knees
Purring a soothing sound
I drift away to imagined worlds
To stand with heroes—
Created with my friends—
On the plains of Malecade

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Blank Verse: Foe, Ancient Foe

Bel Izeard

A cinereous mist dampens the moors.
The sun is a silver speck in the sky.
The kingdom, it withers under a curse,
An ancient foe that torments its people.

An imperious lizard chuffs in its lair,
A forge of fire and smoke in the mountain.
It slithers and sleeps on piles of treasure,
A beast that was old when the stars were born.

All who have challenged it have died in vain,
Trying to win freedom for the kingdom,
Or for the wealth and glory for themselves,
Their bones are piled up high as a warning.

Here now, another comes to test the wyrm.
A brazen girl carrying a long spear,
Wearing a helmet too large for her head.
She is her father’s daughter in chain mail.

She steps into the dragon’s lair with pride,
Her cloak billows in the breath of its sleep.
So long has it been since…

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Kulan World Journal

This system was my first attempt at creating a brand knew crystal sphere using my full customized Star System Creation Tables. While I let the roll of the dice build this system, for the most part, I ignored the dice a few times when the rolls conflicted too much with previous rolls. It was interesting that two gas giants got breathable atmospheres while two terrestrial worlds got tainted atmospheres. Another interesting aspect is that all the worlds are large or very large. Plus, I rolled for a primary population type for each of the inhabited planets.

The most interesting aspects of Kalespace are the following:

  • The Eberron-like civilization of native outsiders on the massive gas giant, Zeligos;
  • The Classical Antiquity civilization of monstrous humanoids on the massive gas giant, Brair;
  • The giant civilization on the tainted world of Varn;
    • I decided to switch the atmospheric compositions rolled for Blackash…

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Fane’s Star

Kulan World Journal

This star system is linked to Kulan through the Harqualian event known as The Transformation. A human race, called the Belin, was transported to the Lands of Harqual during a forced planar-crossing. Their home world is Salitt, which is medium world with little technology or magic. While it is a arid world with rugged terrain, it has a typical biosphere for a planet of its size.

While four of the system’s planets have breathable atmospheres, only the terrestrial world of Shalinsar has knowledge of spelljamming technology. Margvelvak, Dreen, and Shalinsar all have technology equivalent the middle ages with Shalinsar being the most advanced of the three worlds. In the asteroid field known as Breakpoint, there are neophyte spelljamming outposts created by the denizens of Shalinsar.

The gas giant called Dreen is an interesting world, as it has a standard breathable atmosphere and a civilization with a understanding of both magic…

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