Free Verse: Ache of Bones

Bel Izeard

Dust on the road
The wind stirs the prairie grass
I stand near the tracks,
That cross the highway
The grain elevator is a ghost
It haunts me
The wind whips the dust
I shield my eyes
While my mind tries to shield
The hurt inside
My bike isn’t a steed
Just and escape to nowhere
No hunting bottles and cans today
Only riding with friends
Until our bones ache
We circle our home, this village—
They say it takes a village
But not all villages are equal—
The day wanes
Each one of us,
Pedals home one by one
Until the light is fading
There is supper and TV,
Hockey on a Saturday night,
‘Time for bed’ comes soon
A cat rolls up behind my knees
Purring a soothing sound
I drift away to imagined worlds
To stand with heroes—
Created with my friends—
On the plains of Malecade

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