Kulan World Journal

This system was my first attempt at creating a brand knew crystal sphere using my full customized Star System Creation Tables. While I let the roll of the dice build this system, for the most part, I ignored the dice a few times when the rolls conflicted too much with previous rolls. It was interesting that two gas giants got breathable atmospheres while two terrestrial worlds got tainted atmospheres. Another interesting aspect is that all the worlds are large or very large. Plus, I rolled for a primary population type for each of the inhabited planets.

The most interesting aspects of Kalespace are the following:

  • The Eberron-like civilization of native outsiders on the massive gas giant, Zeligos;
  • The Classical Antiquity civilization of monstrous humanoids on the massive gas giant, Brair;
  • The giant civilization on the tainted world of Varn;
    • I decided to switch the atmospheric compositions rolled for Blackash…

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