Fane’s Star

Kulan World Journal

This star system is linked to Kulan through the Harqualian event known as The Transformation. A human race, called the Belin, was transported to the Lands of Harqual during a forced planar-crossing. Their home world is Salitt, which is medium world with little technology or magic. While it is a arid world with rugged terrain, it has a typical biosphere for a planet of its size.

While four of the system’s planets have breathable atmospheres, only the terrestrial world of Shalinsar has knowledge of spelljamming technology. Margvelvak, Dreen, and Shalinsar all have technology equivalent the middle ages with Shalinsar being the most advanced of the three worlds. In the asteroid field known as Breakpoint, there are neophyte spelljamming outposts created by the denizens of Shalinsar.

The gas giant called Dreen is an interesting world, as it has a standard breathable atmosphere and a civilization with a understanding of both magic…

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