Jade Consortium

The Jade Consortium is an alliance of countries, regions and even whole worlds bonded together by what is known as “Asian” culture. This culture isn’t always in the east but the consortium prefers this term to the generic descriptor of being oriental. The consortium is a sanctioned Imperial community and its members can be found anywhere in the Dragon Empire including the throneworlds. The consortium has a reputation for providing unique goods and services at reasonable costs. They also defend the Asian culture from those who would exploit it.

The consortium is a legitimate organization with its roots in honor and the way of the samurai. They have no love for criminal organizations and have opposed such groups in the past and will continue to do so in the future. The consortium has heard rumors of a yakuza alliance, which has been spreading throughout the Outlands worlds but the consortium hasn’t come into contact with them yet. The consortium has also been known to oppose the methods of the Arcane and the Slaadi Lords. They aren’t fond of Mezzenbone and the changes he has brought about since the Red Age began but the consortium knows that to openly defy the Dragon Emperor is to lose everything they have worked for.

Those outside of the consortium whisper that the true power behind the consortium are the secretive Lung Dragons. These Asian dragons have always separated themselves from the more widely known chromatic and metallic dragon types of know space. This is in part due to cultural differences, as well as the fact that lung dragons are as much a part of the spirit world in Asian culture as they are the physical one. If it is indeed true that the lung dragons control the Jade Consortium then that would mean the consortium exists because of the influence of the Celestial Bureaucracy.

Those in the consortium deny that the lung dragons have any influence as to how the organization is run. They simply state that such powerful creatures are above and beyond any one organization. After all, the lungs, or spirit dragons, as they are sometimes referred to, have way more important things to concern themselves with then the day to day concerns of mortal life. This attitude tend to irk chromatic and metallic dragons. A dragon is a dragon to them and they don’t believe for a second that the lung dragons don’t want a piece of the Imperial pie. However, no one has been able to locate a Imperial lung dragon and ask them.

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