The Guardians are an organization that protects the Temporal Energy Plane throughout the universe. The organization, as a whole, is beyond the control of the Dragon Empire or any other galactic civilization beyond the boundary of the Outlands worlds. The guardians know the detailed histories of many galactic regions such as Thel’math’shar, Psi-space, and The Unconquered Spiral, as well as the Dragon Empire. The guardians are linked to the Temporal Energy Plane the way the shades are linked to the Plane of Shadow. The organization first came about eons before the first gnome starship took to the spacelanes. Originating in the Outer Planes, the original guardians are thought to have either discovered or created the Temporal Energy Plane. This original race may have become either the inevitables of Mechanus or another forgotten race older than even the shanthas.

The guardians are everywhere but very few galactic races are aware of the groups presence. Most that do know of its existence are member races to the organization such as the fraal, teres, and shanthas. A few younger races have also joined the guardians, on an individual basis, and elves, sharns, and even the arcane have been known to join the guardians. The organization has only a handful of of the other standard races as members except for humans. Humans are by far the most diverse race in the galaxy, which means they would eventually come to be a factor amongst the guardians. Humans are also the most likely, but not the only, race to become rouge time travelers, attempting to alter the past for their benefit (drow are bad for this as well). Most rouge chronomancers are hunted down once discovered but the problem is discovering them.

The guardians are controlled by an ancient group of chronomancers known as the Time Lords. These six powerful masters of time keep to their own council. The Time Lords are powerful outsiders that live in the Citadel of Eternity, which is said to be the focal point of the Temporal Energy Plane. No one knows whether or not these six beings were ever mortal but that is unimportant now. The Time Lords are nearly godlike in their power and none within the organization would dare betray them. Rogue chronomancers don’t last long once a Time Lord becomes personally aware of them.

The Time Lords believe that what is past is past. They are completely against any sort of time travel into the past to prevent Mezzenbone from assuming the Golden Throne. This has caused an ongoing feud between the Arcanum and the guardians. Only rogue chronomancers willingly join or work with the Arcanum. The Time Lords believe in keeping the temporal status quo and work in the background against both the Dragon Empire and the Arcanum whenever the flow of time is endangered.

The guardians have starcaster technology that allows them to travel through time, as well as space. Therefore, PCs are likely to meet them anywhere at anytime. These powerful timecasters could tip the balance of power in the known galaxy if they fell into the wrong hands. Luckily, the guardians believe that anyone but them is the wrong hands. There has never been an occurrence of a guardian crew losing control of a timecasting starship, as guardians will fight to the death and/or destroy the vessel before letting it be captured.

Note: While the Time Lords are indeed masters of time and space they don’t know everything that existed, exists, or that will exist. They aren’t truly gods and can’t see something that a god of time doesn’t want them to see. I will eventually detail these powerful characters using the D&D Epic Level Handbook.

GM’s Note: See the AD&D 2nd Edition Chronomancy Accessory for more details on D&D-based time travel and the Guardians. See pages 208 to 210 in the D&D Manual of the Planes for details on the Temporal Energy Plane and the Citadel of Eternity.

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