Freedom League

The Freedom League is dedicated to breaking the power of the dragons at all costs. For the most part, the league doesn’t see any difference between the Asamet and the Qesemet. Dragons are dragons and they have been lording over the known galaxy for too long.

The Freedom League is know as many things depending on who you ask and where they live. Outlanders tend to view them as freedom fighters and patriots in the fight against the Dragon Empire. Those living on or near the throneworlds view them as stellar pirates, brigands and revolutionaries. The ISPD simply refers to the Freedom League as being a huge pain in the ass.

It is important to note that not all outlanders consider the Freedom League to be their protectors and governments such as the Regency of Bluefall and the Crugar Octagonal do not allow league vessels to enter their territories. Other races such as the sharn and the fraal wish this militant group would just fade away so that they don’t bring the wrath of the Golden Throne down upon the entire Outlands.

This isn’t likely going to happen as the league is starting to spread from system to system like a plague of dissent. The driving force behind the league is a core group of individuals led by a human named Davis Madden. A former Imperial captain that had been loyal to the Dragon Empire until Mezzenbone ascended to the Golden Throne and the known galaxy had started to suffer under the red tyrant’s claws.

Commander Madden is determined to lead the league for as long as he can. His body is failing, however, and he is deciding whether or not to pass the mantle of leadership to another or become a soulmech. He doesn’t like the second option very much, as he is a true believer in the natural cycle of life. If he cannot convince Arassil to take over the league then he might not have a choice in the matter.

The Freedom League tends to be run as independent groups of starships and hidden bases. The group will rarely come together in one place, as they do not wish to give the Empire a chance to destroy their power base all at once. What happened at Toril 10 cycles ago taught Commander Madden a lot about what the Dragon Empire is capable of. He has refused to commit his forces to defending worlds that he knows can’t help in the defense, although he will send spies and assassins to such worlds to take out key Imperial figures.

The league is known more for its hit and run tactics and in a sense they are a lot like privateers. They will just as willingly attack a Regency ship as a Imperial one due to Bluefalls stance on using diplomacy instead of weaponry against the Empire. Most Regency citizens don’t see any difference between the Dragon Brigade and the Freedom League. In fact, the two groups are a lot alike and constantly at each others’ throats. Very few outlanders realize that the brigade is sanctioned by the Empire — or simply turn a blind eye, rather than incurring the wrath of Mezzenbone and Thul Gulokas.

Regent Hale suspects that the Pirate Brigade is influenced by someone in the Empire but he hasn’t any real proof. Commander Madden couldn’t prove the truth either even though he knows for a fact that Gulokas is being controlled by the Dragon Emperor. This is why he refuses to let anyone else besides Arassil take over the league. She knows more about Gulokas than anyone and it will piss off Thul to have to face Arassil as an equal.

The Freedom League strongly influences the regions known as the Thunder Cluster, Unknown Territories, and Zafferan Colonies. The Zafferan worlds broke off from the Empire shortly after Mezzenbone took the throne and has been waging an cold war against the Imperial Council and the Crugar Octagonal. The league has been supplying the colonies with starships and weapons in the hope of turning the Zafferan worlds into fully controlled league worlds. The Thunder Cluster isn’t as league friendly but with the increase in cleash attacks and the real threat of the brigade they have been forced to ally with the league from time to time.

As for the Unknown Territories, this area is uncontrolled and wide open to cleash attacks. Not even the brigade would dare enter this region without Imperial support. The league has deemed the area as vital league territory and Commander Madden has setup several ouposts in the region. These outposts are constantly dealing with cleash attacks and rely heavily on the help of the scatti, a strange insectoid race that isn’t affected by the cleash. These large, intelligent beings are born fighters and one scatti can handle twice the attackers that a medium-sized humanoid can. The League’s Directorate has several scatti on it and Commander Madden is glad he has found a race of allies that aren’t afraid of the cleash or the dragons.

Now if he could just get the fraal on his side then the league might be able to go on the offensive into Imperial territory.

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