Dragon Brigade

“The information here was inspired by Mike Bentley’s original post, on the DSD20 Yahoo Group, about a Dragon Empire sponsored pirate/privateer fleet causing trouble on the fringe worlds of the Outlands.” – RPB

The Dragon Brigade is a secret Imperial fleet stationed in the Outlands. More like a group of Imperial sponsored privateers than a true Imperial Wing, the brigade is made up of the most ruthless individuals that the Dragon Emperor could recruit from the Imperial Fleet and the Legions. The brigade is tasked with subjugating Outlands worlds without the trouble of diplomacy. Many in the Dragon Empire, such as the good dragons of the Qesemet, would be horrified to learn that this group of privateers is sponsored by the Dragon Emperor. Only a few resistence pockets in the Outlands even suspect that the Pirate Brigade (which is what it is known as to outlanders) is really Mezzenbone’s Wing, as brigade members are fond of calling themselves.

The brigade is lead by a ruthless, half-dragon orc rouge/sorcerer named Thul Gulokas. Thul, nicknamed the Dark Son, was sired by one of Mezzenbone’s most loyal allies in the Outlands, a colossal black dragon female only known as the Night in the Sky. Thul was sent to the Legions, by his mother, the instant he was old enough. There he learned discipline and loyalty. Within two years of graduating to the Imperial Fleet he had his own command and was the Dragon Emperor’s favorite commander. When Mezzenbone secretly put together the Dragon Brigade, Thul was the only choice to lead.

Gulokas and the crew of The Warlock were ordered to the Outlands and start the Dragon Emperor’s new clandestine crusade. For nearly a year The Warlock worked alone and stuck to terrorizing small vessels. The Warlock was though to be just another pirate ship, even if it was well organized. As more ships were assigned to the Dragon Brigade and Thul’s power and reach grew in the Outlands it became obvious to several resistance groups, such as the Freedom League, that Thul and his fleet were being sponsored by Mezzenbone.

The Dragon Brigade has nearly two dozen small to medium-sized starships at its disposal in the Outlands. Mezzenbone is hesitant to assign more vessels to the group, as the Dragon Emperor doesn’t with them to become too overt. However, the brigade is assigned new personal every cycle and has one of the largest and best trained groups of pilots in the Outlands. Only the Freedom League and the Regency of Bluefall have access to a larger group of pilots and starships.

Gulokas is a big believer in in discipline and all in his command must follow the tenets of the Code of Emperor, which was implemented by Mezzenbone when the wyrm ascended the Golden Throne. This Code of behavior is not an option in his fleet and failure to follow the Code is punishable by death. Thul has no tolerance for weak, uneducated, and undisciplined pilots or soldiers. The Dragon Empire is all.

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