Artificers’ Guild

This guild of wizards has decided to remain separate from the Arcanum, for the most part, and work towards a better understanding how magic and technology blend together. They care little for the ongoing resistance against the Golden Throne. And while individual artificers can, and do, have seats on the council, the group as a whole doesn’t have a unified voice in Arcanum House. The guild isn’t any where near that organized and almost any race can join including tinker gnomes, which make up about 30% of the guild.

The Artificers’ Guild can design spellware almost as easy as gnomes and the arcane. The Gnome Commerce Guild is not fond of artificers in general, considering them second rate hackers and madmen. Thus, the GCG doesn’t allow artificers in the guild or tinker gnomes either. These strange gnomes from the Sirion system are considered a menace by the GCG and are forbidden from even coming near a GCG facility. A tinker artificer is one of the most frightening concepts imaginable in the minds of the GCG.

The Artificers’ Guild and the LifeTrade Alliance sometimes have the same clientele and will steal trade opportunities from the other when possible. This rivalry is usually peaceful but ever since the alliance was given sole rights to sell spellware in the Thunder Cluster things have started to get overtly hostile between the two groups. Some in the region fear a outright trade war between the two and I don’t mean the financial kind.

The one thing that the Artificers’ Guild hasn’t been able to master yet is starcaster technology. No matter how hard they try they just can’t get the hang of it. Many a guild technomancer has blown up his lab or teleported himself into the depths of space. Very few of these experiments end without the death of at least one or two individuals. The only thing scarier than a tinker artificer is a tinker artificer-technomancer.

Artificers love dealing with planars of all sorts. So much so that they often pester planars that they meet until a fight breaks out. More than one artificer has met his end while annoying a fiend or celestial.

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