Rielun Revised

While I had completed this map in Hexographer some time ago, I never got around to sharing it on here. This is now the official Time of Ages campaign setting map from which all others will be created.

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World of Rielun

The primary world for my Time of Ages 3E campaign setting set in my Steampunk Spelljammer cosmology.

The Lions’ Gap

This is where the world started!

Rielun was my first campaign world and this region is where the first group of characters came from. These characters eventually became known as the Lions of Malecade becoming great heroes across the continent. Those heroes have now becomes legends, centuries after their deaths, and the region is now known as The Lions’ Gap.

This region is dominated by three cities: Heath’s City is one of the steam metropolis’s of the world and the communities near it, Edgewater and Sawburg, use steam technology. Asdor is a community of humans, elves, and halflings and controls the towns of Stortic and Gremlin Home. Mason is a human and dwarf dominated city and controls the towns of Ceodic and Minward.

The communities around Asdor are known as the Homelands of the Lions, while the communities around Mason are known as the Mason Holds. The Homelands of the Lions sit on the edge of the Wildlands and steam technology often fails there. The Mason Holds are more accepting of steamworks but there are some restrictions. Note that the towns of Celd and Eodrith are independent communities but do have strong ties with the citizens of the Mason Holds.

The fortress known as Sunset SkyMountain is home to a clan of dwarves who have mastered both martial arts and steamworks. Many of their numbers are monks or fighter/monks.

The structure known as The Clock Tower is an ancient steamwork construct that is both a fortress-like tower and a timepiece that has kept perfect time throughout the centuries. It chimes at the end of every year and was built by Marty Lionmountain, also known as The Steam Sorcerer. (He was one of the Lions of Malecade.)

The structure known as The Sorcerer’s Hold, in turn, is the ancient magical manse where the Steam Sorcerer once lived. The building is a complex clockwork construct and many believe that Marty Lionmountain did not die and continues to live there.

The ruins of Perc are that of a destroyed steam metropolis. It is one of only two known ruined steam cities. The other is Citnow, which is located on Malecade’s eastern coast. Perc is said to be haunted by clockwork undead and strange twisted monsters. No one remembers how the steam metropolis was destroyed as it was ruined even before the Lions of Malecade were born.

Two other things are worth noting about this area. First, are the strange looking constructs with blue fire coming out of them. These are powerful magical Steam Engines, which give power to Heath’s City and its surrounding communities. The steam metropolis requires a LOT of steam-power to run its many comforts and conveniences. For example, the city has an internal network of tracks for its steam railway. Note: This railroad doesn’t extend out to its surrounding communities as it isn’t feasible to protect the rail from the many dangers of the region (i.e. bandits).

Second, is the remains of an ancient dinospawn known as the Bones of the Thunderer. This creature was similar to a T-Rex but must have been nearly three times the size of one. Now, its remains form a strange ruin of bones. The skeleton is colossal is size and is partially buried in the ground. The creatures ribcage has become a shrine for the many wild humanoid tribes in this region (i.e. lizardfolk).

Note:┬áMy plan is to redo my CC2 maps using Hexographer. I’ve already created a world overview map in Hexographer (coming up in my next post), but I haven’t gone in closer yet.

CC2 map: The Lions' Gap

The home region of the heroes known as the Lions of Malecade.