Continent of Malecade

Malecade. My first D&D land. Long before Rielun was called Time of Ages, it was called the Islands of Malecade. It was the first world that I created and Malecade was the first continent I created. It began with the northern peninsula and the hero Spearion and his allies. The Bay of Lions was the primary starting point for myself.

The original hex maps are lost, but I recreated the world with Campaign Cartographer from memory. It was a hard process, and the image below is somewhat different than what i showed my friends back in the day. In truth, the image below is considerably better than what I originally created. The Isles of the South and the name “Gulf of Steam” came about directly from a piece of fiction that wrote about a minotaur steam knight. (Hmm, I’ll have to post that here next.)

Once I decided to make Rielun a steampunk D&D/d20 world, there was no turning back. However, I haven’t done much development of the world beyond remapping it out in CC2 Pro and updating some of the old PCs and NPCs for D&D 3rd Edition. There is a lot I already know about Malecade, but there is just as much that I haven’t designed yet. The steampunk influences on this continent aren’t as strong as elsewhere on the world. Malecade is more savage.

In the center of the continent is a region known as the Wildlands. I came up with that name long before I’d ever heard of the Wilderlands campaign setting by Judges Guild, so the name isn’t an homage. The Wildlands is a highly magical region where technology rarely, if ever, works. Nature is powerful there and those that don’t respect it will soon find themselves being eaten by dinosaurs or worse. The foliage in the Wildlands has a consciousness all its own, and those who would try to tame the region tend to get the blood sucked from their bodies by carnivorous plants.


The continent of Malecade

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