The First Hero

Before there was anything else for Rielun, there was the half-orc known only as “Spears.” Before I ran my first AD&D 2E campaign set on Rielun (then known as the Islands of Malecade), I created a hero who was raised by pygmy-like demihumans who lived in harmony with the wilds of nature on the continent of Malecade. His home and heart was two-fold. He became an adopted son of a village called “Gremlin” while keeping in touch with his primitive youth. His constant companion in his early years was a giant cat that was more like a gigantic house cat than a wild cat. (His nameless cat was tragically killed by evil humanoids.)

Later in his life, he would become fast friends with a group of characters that I now refer to as the Lions of Malecade — Knak Rynne (name was a homage to my favorite Dragonlance author), Marty Lionmountain, Nona Heartwood, and Simon Mardin (and Simon’s twin brother who turned to evil before being killed by the others). These characters were never a group of PCs being played by my friends at the time. Instead, they were all constructs of my own imagination. In the current era, they are known as the Heroes of the Past and are remembered with reverence by current adventurers. Whether or not they were truly worthy of such praise is up for debate.

“Spears” is now known as The Spearion in the annals of history. His last name was never known, although Rielunian historians often doubt he ever had a last name. His adopted parents were most likely tigés (also known as the tligen) or trooda and a statue of his visage stands in his adopted town, now called Gremlin Home, which still exists in the forested hills of the region known as The Lions’ Gap. He is looked upon as a savior of the town and a icon for all civilized half-orcs to strive to emulate. In truth, he was far from civilized. In current D&D 3E terms, his final stats would be as follows: NG male half-orc, Animal Lord 11/Adept 9. Yes, his soul was good, but his heart was savage.

He was the first hero of the world I created and one of the first characters I ever created. I still remember him fondly and I was lucky enough to get a sketch done of him by an online artist whose name escapes me at the moment. (Once I re-remember the artist’s name, I’ll add it to the caption on the image below.)

(Animal Lord is an alternate d20 system class from Legends & Lairs: Sorcery & Steam, which was published by Fantasy Flight Games.)


“Spears,” The Spearion

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