Two New WordPress Blogs

I’ve created two new WordPress blogs related to my various homebrewed D&D campaign worlds. The first one I create is for the World of Kulan. Kulan World Journal won’t just be for Kulan, however. It will also go into more details about the Mirrored Cosmology and my homebrewed version of Spelljammmer knowns as The Plane of the Unseen Infinity. Since Dark World (the world of Maran) is tied closely to Kulan, it will be detailed through KWJ.

The second blog is for a world I call Almagra: World of Worlds. However, it is also for all my RPG “otherworlds.” Almagra is a super world that will have a complex Crystal Sphere. The other worlds that will be detailed on the blog will vary between old school D&D worlds to new campaign concepts for D&D v.3.5, D&D 4E, and D&D 5E. Homebrewed campaign worlds, beyond Kulan an Maran, that exist in the Mirrored Cosmology may or may not be detailed on Knightfall’s Almagra and Otherworlds. My AD&D 2E setting Odyssey World, for example, will be exclusive to KFAaO.

as for this blog, it will be for my Spelljammer Gome Wild steampunk universe, which includes my homebrewed campaign world known as Time of Ages. Rielun will be the primary world for this blog. My goal is to post more here and Rielun might dominate for a time before I go into more detail on how I view the Aether of SJGWs universe.




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