Time of Ages

Here is where the world has been…

Islands of Malecade… Warped World… these campaign names have always referred to my first world… Rielun (the world has had more names then I can remember). A campaign that started out with one map of a small portion of the continent Malecade. For years this campaign grew and grew — to a size roughly twice the size of Earth. By this time I was completely lost in a mass of maps that didn’t have any consistency or theme. So… I tossed the worst ideas, archived the original core of maps for the campaign, and transferred other ideas to other worlds (such as Triadora to Kulan). Warped World died with a whimper but Malecade lived on in my soul… lost but not forgotten. And now I have revived it with a new name but true to the original concept — Time of Ages.

And here is where the world is now going…

Time of Ages was never supposed to be a straight fantasy world. Magic would play a vital role in the development of the world but so would technology. The original concept was to blend magic and technology together in such a way that prevents technology from existing on the world without magic to power it. I’ve referred to this combination of magic and tech in numerous ways — technomagic, magitech, etc. — but the idea has stayed the same. Dragonstar and several other technological rich D20 campaigns have inspired me to change Time of Ages. The campaign is now becoming more like my original concept than every before. I will be able to justify the creation of the super cities and the technology while still allowing for the wild nature of the world’s inherent magic. The powers of time, druidism, and arcane science can now come together into one world.

I had intended for this world to become part of my Arcanum of the Stars Dragonstar campaign concept, but after thinking it over, Time of Ages doesn’t fit very well into the feel of Dragonstar. Thus, the world and its moon Jarad will be a campaign unto itself. The campaign will not be a part of the standard D&D Spelljammer cosmology, my Mirrored cosmology (for Kulan and Dark World), or the Dragonstar universe. Instead it will be part of my Spelljammer Gone Wild cosmology. This separates it from both Arcanum of the Star and World of Kulan.


Rielun: The world of Time of Ages.

Rielun’s Geography
Rielun has four continents… Argethon (south pole), Heuveon (north pole), Malecade, and Trasunia. Beyond this and thousands of islands both large and small, Rielun is covered with dark purple-green oceans. Thus, Rielun is roughly 60% to 75% covered by water but is also deceptively shallow in many places (less than 500 – 1000 ft.). The climate is arctic to temperate for the most part; only the regions near the equator rise to subtropical levels.

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